Tuesday, August 15, 2006

15 August 2006 - Special thanks!

A special thank you for my co-worker, Matt, and my cousin, Keith, for coming over tonight to help get the engine mounted in the car. Now I just need to get things hooked up! The engine and transmission is mounted. I need to connect the trans to the drive shaft, the engine needs to be hooked to the gas lines and the tank needs cleaned, it needs hooked to the battery, and the radiator needs to be installed and hooked to the engine and heater. Then I will be ready for the start-up! Julie made an excellent vegi-lasagna that was devoured at abour 8:30PM when we finally finished hooking-up the engine. Here are a couple pics...slight issue might need to be addressed...it seems there is a possible clearance issue with the hood to the air cleaner. It also looks like a challenge to get the headers installed. Although it was mentioned that the Hooker comp headers are a good fit...we'll soon find out!

14 August 2006 - It's been a while

It's been busy as usual here with work and home. We'll be headin' home to MI this Thurs after work. Our friend Bernie is gettin' hitched! We'll also be visiting my grandparents. Next weekend we'll be attending a nearby Vette weekend in Carlisle, PA just a few miles to the north. We hope to find some needed car parts and advice from other C3 owners. Then the following weekend, 9/2 I'll be gettin' on a plane for my 2nd trip to China for the launch of one of my new products. I'll be there, missing the holiday, for a minimum of 1 week, but prob actually 2 weeks. Yup, as long as it doesn't rain...20% chance...my cousin and friend from work will be helping me put the engine back into its place in the car! I'll also try to get the trans hooked up. Then I'll just need to hook everything up engine wise, and get the brakes complete for the start-up and Julie's 1st "easy" test drive to check it all out. But 1st I'll have to finish re-doing the seats. I have 1 seat frame re-assembled after cleaning it and rust-proofing it, but I have not yet purchased new foam and trim. The bonus pic attached is of Julz and Thane. He wanted to say goodnight after his bath. When he saw me with the camera he blurted-out "cheeeeez" and did his best smile, so I just had to turn and click!