Thursday, August 14, 2008


Maybe you guessed it...? Yes, Julie is expecting again! She had the joy of morning sickness again, all day every day, just like as with Nathaniel. She is having her 1st check-up next week. She is about 14wks now!
The vette is once again rolling as I took it off the jacks for the 1st time since X-mas. The suspension has been replaced, new tires mounted and it has been re-aligned. There are a few small parts needed for finish-up, the fan shroud needs installed, and it needs to be driven a bit without the sway bars to allow the new suspension components to settle in to allow the ride height to set in.
I am now in the 2nd phase of field training which is just 4wks, and followed by the final 3rd phase of 2wks. I will be going to 3rd phase this coming Wed and will be on evening shift 2PM-2AM.