Saturday, August 26, 2006

25 August 2006 - "Short" delay.

Well, tried to start the car tonight but there seems to be a problem. It seems that the "new" distributor does not work. I just bought a new assembly. I am not getting any spark at the plug, however the wireing is showing power to the distributor and the starter is turning the engine over fine while also pumping gas. On the upside, most of the wiring seems in good order, as the lights (that are not dead or missing) are lighing up. Tomorrow I will once again try to get the passenger rear brake caliper off (the last one) as it has 2 bolts bad, 1 broke off and 1 stripped. I plan to grind off the head to get it off, hopefully without damage. We also attended Corvettes @ Carlisle today. If you're into Vettes you have to go! It is huge! We only saw a portion, but I still managed to drop $500 or so in parts like new SS brake lines, gas sending unit, door sills, and other small items.

Friday, August 25, 2006

24 August 2006 - Slight delay

Well, I think I know what all parts are missing to get this thing started...I need a short list of things then I can start it up! We went through and set the distributor in it's location, discovered Summit sent me the wrong plug wires. Double checked all the rockers as being snug. The starter is kicking over good, and from the key! Need to get a new fitting for the tach and battery for the HEI distributor. Need to get a fuel line from the pump to the carb. And finally get a couple of plugs for the intake and water pump along with a slightly longer belt and it will be ready to fire! I hope to post pics and a video of it tomorrow, while it's running!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

23 August 2006 - Ready...set...FIRE! FIRE!!

Well, tomorrow just might be the day! I hooked-up the battery tonight along with the starter and dropped in the distributor. Matt will be coming over again after work to help me fire it up! Hopefully all goes well and I can get power to everything I need, mainly the starter and distributor. The old radiator is hooked-up and just sitting in the front end. I almost didn't have a car to restore. Yup, as the title of this post hinted, I had a start of a fire! When I hooked up the battery the main power cable for the starter was grounded causing the wire to throw sparks and begin to smoke!!! Whew! That was a close one! But situation resolved, and I was able to engage the starter. Tomorrow I'll post some pics and possibly a video!