Friday, November 03, 2006

03 November 2006 - No snow here.

I received a call yesterday from my good friend Doc D. Apparently they were having yet another snow storm back home in Michigan. HA! Too bad I had to move. The only thing I miss living in Virginia is the lack of good quality mountain bike trails. Although I can't complain lately because I haven't touch a bike since I traveled to China for work over Labor Day. That is except to move them to the new house.

Everone in the midwest should currently be heading up to the Iceman Cometh Challenge race going down tomorrow morning. That was always a great weekend of fun. Another thing about the Michigan racing scene that will be missed. If we weren't heading off to Disney World for Thanksgiving I would've taken a long weekend to drive up for the event. I'll be trying to plan for it for next year.

Anyhow, I finally got moving on the car again. Night before last I pulled the half shafts back out of the car and removed the u-joints. The 1st was pretty easy, but then Murphy decided to help out... I had to bring the 2nd into work for some access to bigger tools! I was able to remove one using a hand press. The other I first tried the hand press, then tried a hydrolic press, finally I had some help from a toolmaker in beating it out! What a job! I was sure glad when I reassembled them that they went together with only some light tapping. Tonight I need to take another look at the main driveshaft as I ned to replace those 2 joints as well.

I was also able to order the needed parts for the clutch assembly yesterday also. I needed everything from the pedal push rod to the fork. I'll also need to drop the trans back out of the car to remove the bell housing to install the fork. Initially it was thought that it could be installed after, but that was discovered to be wrong. Oh well, practice makes it perfect, eh! So, hopefully I will be able to drive it for the 1st time next week!

I'll post more on happenings and photos soon!