Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ready to resuscitate!


Yes, the re-wiring of the car is now complete and I'm installing the last of the new bulbs into their sockets. Tonight Matt will be coming out to help me run electrical checks prior to trying to re-start the car. It's hasn't been started for a little over a month now. I've re-attached a lot of the trim items and will be re-installing the seatbelts and seats. I need to have it ready for the road soon, as the weather is warming back up! It's to be approaching the 60's again staring today! I'll just need to wait for the roads to be washed clean of the salt that has been spread on them.

My dad will also be arriving sometime today for a short visit. He will be staying for about a week, which will be a big help since Julz will be traveling for work Thurs and Fri.

Officer down!

On the news this morning they mentioned a stand-off in Ranson, WV. My cousin is on the force there. Apparently an officer was shot 3xs and the perp died. I called Keith this morning to first make sure he was ok. He arrived just seconds after the altercation started and was exiting his vehicle when he heard shots fired in a house. The first officer on the scene didn't have a vest on and was critically injured. He is currently stable and recovering and we wish him the best! It was over a 7hr stand-off with 1 officer shot, 2 children released, 2 dogs shot and the perp dead.news link