Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Resto update

While at home this past weekend I was able to spend a couple of hours working on the vette. I finally took the time to finish drilling out the rivets holding the front rotors onto the wheel assembly. Back in the day GM rivited the rotors in place to help with the ease of assembly and to control run-out. Some re-rivet them, but I do not plan to unless I discover issues with the brake calipers. So far they seem to work great, for non-power disc brakes. The only part of the brake system left is the parking brake assembly. Being that everything is new the pads and the rotor have interference not allowing the install. I need to sand down the pads a touch to make some clearance. Hopefully we will sell our house soon so we can finally get settled. Then the next step will be to rebuild the suspension.

NC Zoo visit

With the new job I have a benefit of using the company pass for the NC Zoo. So, what better to do the weekend after the 4th but visit the zoo. It only cost us a stroller rental, as Julie brought her bike and Thane's trailer instead, and a toy truck suvenier which was being broken within hours of the visit! haha
Thane kept asking to find some snakes, and of course he wanted to pet/hold everything and take them to show-and-tell at school.

Independance Day fun

Here are some pictures from our week spent at Bart's parent's place on the lake in SC over the 4th holiday. Thane will soon be slalom skiing and wakeboarding!
He also had fun trying to make a huge sand castle! :)