Monday, February 06, 2006

02 February 2006 - My first "blog"

Well, I've jumped on the bandwagon! I've created a blog. After a few years of helping run my team's web-site ( I've decided to create my own blog. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm now seperate from the team, not in spirit but in location. I'm still the acting team manager, but I have recently accepted a new job which has relocated me to Virginia. Getting out of the automotive industry has served me well. It has also apparently served my wife well, as she has also aquired a new, and hopefully, better job. We moved in to our rental home the weekend of 14 Jan 2006. This was due to my start date at my new employer, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, on 16 Jan 2006. I obtained a position as a Sr. Product Development Engineer reporting to the VP of Engineering. I apparently got out of Detroit, and automotive, while the getting out was good. Just 1 week later Ford announced a huge lay-off and a list of plant closings. GM and DCX have also been in deep waters making cutbacks and all 3 of the OEMs have been re-sourcing their suppliers to try to increase profits. Back to the home-front...My family and I (wife Julie, and son Nathaniel "Thane") are currently trying our best to get somewhat settled into a rental home. We are working hard to get a piece of land and builder to build our custom home on the only all-sports lake in the surrounding areas. We currently have 1 option in the works, but we have only received a verbal on the cost of the land so far. So, we are still investigating the available lots that are waterfront to hopefully get a decent deal and private/direct access to the lake. The lake is just 20 minutes NW of my employers location in Winchester, VA off of state route 522. It is a nice private/gated community that will hopefully keep most of the riff-raff out. It will also keep the locall hill-people from moving in next door and planting flowers and weeds in the rusted our car and old fridge in the front yard! haha Anyhow...Be sure to check back once in a while. I will do my best to keep you posted with new updates for my family and my racing.

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