Wednesday, September 06, 2006

06 September 2006 - Getting homesick

Well, I'd like to start digging a hole so I can come home, but contrary to belief digging a hole through the Earth would not take me home, insstead I'd come out in the northern tip of Argentina! That would be interesting... (

Anyhow, work has taken me to China again for the launch of a new product. If you want to know the lottery numbers just drop me an email...but you'll have to share your winnings! I'm 12hrs ahead here as it is currently 7:35AM on Thursday where at home in the Virginias it is 7:35PM on Wednesday.

I'm still not fully onto the new time schedule. Hopefully I will not have too much difficulty switching back! I'm currently scheduled to return next Friday, 15 September. I was initially scheduled to return this Saturday, 9 September, but I knew that would not happen. However, at the same time I was hoping that things would not be as scewed up as they are here at the supplier! What a mess!

Julie and Thane are trying to keep busy, but they are missing me alot, as I am missing them! Hopefully I will be able to get the supplier back on track so I will not have any further delays or trip extensions. here are a couple photos of a typical dinner location. The supplier has been treating us to lunch and dinner every day. The locations are amazing, we are always in a special secluded room which has a sitting area, dinning area, restroom, and a side door to its own kitchen. Awesome food and my chopstick skills are pretty good once again.

Well, I must get ready for breakfast just a couple of minutes away. Then it's off to the plant again for another full day, as we've been averaging a work day of about 12-14hrs.


Chris Bussema said...

Have a safe trip home Bart!


Tonya Marie said...

Interesting interiors.