Monday, January 15, 2007

No work, yet a lot of work

No work today due to MLK day. My employer decided to take away one of our 2 floating holidays and make us take MLK day off. Don't quite agree with that at all! Why don't we have a holiday for JFK, or yet the 9/11 incident?! Anyhow, I started painting some of the garage with primer and put some more mud over the crappy job by the builder, Dan Ryan Homes. Please DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BUILDER! YOU WILL REGRET IT! I also drove the vette to a classic car restoration company to get a quick look of their shop and a slight idea of a cost I might expect for body work and paint. I'll be meeting with him again once I get all the paint and primer off the car down to the glass. THen they'll be able to give me a good estimate of cost and time. I'm also continuing to work on the basement and I am nearing the completion of the bike shop area. Yesterday Julz got a good photo of Thane being goofy (see below). He was chasing his dog while playing his harmonica, then I heard him on his horse. I yelled at Julz to go get the was too funny!

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