Sunday, September 16, 2007

Slowly but surely...

Slowly but surely I'm progressing with the deck. I have all the joists installed for the main deck, but I still need to install the front posts and cut-in the chamfers for the front corners. With help from a few nice neighbors I was able to get to where I am today. I'll get some snap shots of it in the morning.

First thing to do tomorrow is change the oil and fuel filter in the GP. We had to invest a little over $500 in the car to fix some needed items as it is now at about 103K miles. New drive shafts, wheel bearings, motor mounts, AmsOil trans fluid, trans filter, and fuel filter. Now all that is left are new tires and it will be ready for another 100K! What a great car!

I also have an interview with the Frederick County Sheriff's office on Thursday which is our county in VA. Then on 20 Oct I have a test date with the Jefferson County Sheriff's office in WV. I'll post updates on that also.

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