Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finishing touches.

Well, next Thursday I will be a sworn police officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This week is a week of practical applications and today we are covering response to terrorists. Today's class is very dry, and instead of letting us go home early they are giving us extra long breaks and lunch. We'd all rather finish-up early and leave!

This Saturday I've invited my fellow students to our house for a cook-out. So, we've been working around the house to get it ready. Tonight I have another section around the house to place mulch. I've already gone around the deck and it is looking pretty good.

The bike is running great. I'm getting close to 60mpg! Last Saturday 2 other recruits and I attended a charity ride hosted by my department. It was round-trip from Leesburg, VA to Gettysburg, PA. I rode over 300mi total. It was pretty hot, temp reaching 105, but the last 2 days have been hotter with the temp reaching 107 yesterday! Luckilly the humidity has gone down a bit. If this were back home in MI they would be having the normal brown-outs they always have in the dog days of summer as everyone kicks on the AC.

I've started re-installing the suspension on the vette, but I still need to get the trailing arms removed, cleaned, painted, and re-installed. The mounting bolts and shims are pretty much rusted together and may require them to be cut out. I'm hoping to have a friend help me since I will definitely need a 2nd pair of hands when trying to cut and remove the parts.

Below are some pics from the Oleoresin Capsicum Extravaganza which was the Friday before the holiday weekend, May23.

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