Wednesday, May 31, 2006

31 May 2006 - Restore started

Today was the day that I decided to drop off the engine for our Corvette to be overhauled. By suggestion, I took it to a local CarQuest location. It is a distribution center as well as a store and machine shop. A co-worker has used them in the past for 2 Corvette engines and 1 Chevelle engine with great results. They will be contacting me once they clean all of the parts and get them measured. We will then go through what I will have done to it. I’d like to have it built for 350-400hp, hopefully they can make it happen. Below are a couple of pics of the engine, in pieces, when I dropped it off. I’ll be taking photos of the entire restoration process. Last night I also stripped the convertible top frame. The next step is to pull it out of the car and grind off the surface rust and prime and paint it. Julie and I took Thane for another ride tonight in his Burly trailer. He’s lovin’ it! Whenever he sees the trailer he grabs his helmet and puts it on, he just needs to understand which way is the front of the helmet! :)

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