Saturday, June 10, 2006

10 June 2006 - Hard day's work

Plans changed today. I was going to leave for a ride by 8:30AM, but found myself sleeping until 9 when I got a call from a co-worker about a current program. I then got up and had breakfast with Julz and Thane. Julz made some good french toast and the boy and I packed'em down. I then decided that I would work on the car while Julz cleaned the apartment, and Thane ran around thinking he was helping. However, you can see here he was more intersted in naps today. I decided to pull off the front bumpers and grill, along with all the steel parts I could from the front end. The lower left front bumper had a stripped bolt head that I had to use vice-grips on. Other than that most of the bolts were not too difficult to get off. I used a wire brush and steel wool on the bumpers and steel parts to remove rust. I then painted the parts with a black Rustoleum paint to prevent further rust and to provide a clean underbody appearance. I will also be re-doing the frame with a paint on rust stopper that actually reacts with the rust creating a coated black finish. 1st pick is with the grills removed. 2nd pic are the removed parts, all except the 1 problem bumper.

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cooter said...

Dude, this looks like chitty-chitty bang-bang. Will it fly?