Sunday, June 04, 2006

04 June 2006 - C&O Canal

Today was threatening rain, but it only sprinkled as we drove to Harpers Ferry. Julie and I took Thane for his 3rd ride in his Burley on the C&O Canal Pathway. We parked in the small town of Bolivar which is just up a hill from Harpers Ferry. We rode southeast towards DC to a small park area in Brunswick. Thane had fallen asleep just a couple of miles from there and slept while we took a short break for lunch. He then woke up about a mile after we headed back. We rode 14 miles in 1hr 37mins. Julie had a tip-over trying to climb up "that hill" from Harpers Ferry to Bolivar. Whe was going so slow that she lost he balance and just fell over...Too bad Thane and I were already up the hill waiting and weren't able to get a picture of it! :) haha

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