Friday, September 29, 2006

29 September 2006 - Distributing my time

Tonight I'll be putting in a new distributor. After buying a new HEI unit and getting it installed and the engine timed I discovered that my tachometer is mechanical. It ended up being cheaper to buy a new modified HEI distributor, which was 3x's the cost of the 1st, rather than to send in the tachometer to have it converted to electronic. The bonus is I am only out on the shipping! Just a couple of hours after posting my situation on the Corvette Forums board I had a buyer for the one I had originally bought and installed. I had only ran it for about a total of 1hr during the tuning of the engine.

I also finally trimmed-up the gas line, so the line you saw sticking up above where the hood would be during the video I shot is now where it should be. I have just a small amount of hose, a lentgh of about 3", between the carburator and the hard line coming up from the fuel pump. However, I still need to pull-off the carburator lines to fix a leak. It seams to be leaking at the seal where the filter is placed into the line. One thing not yet in-place is the new radiator, so I still have the large old one propped-up in the front end with wood blocks and duct tape holding the hoses away from the fan! I'm definitely fitting in with the rednecks here! HAHA

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