Thursday, October 19, 2006

19 October 2006 - The move-in.

We’re finally moved in, but not quite settled yet. We have a lot of boxes still left to unpack. We also need to paint, as the entire house was sprayed in light beige from floor to ceiling. All of the ceilings will need to be painted white, to help brighten it up a bit, and the many rooms will get their own colors to help break them up a bit. The garage is being fitted with fluorescent ceiling lights and will also be painted, floor to ceiling. We will also be looking to have a 3 bay built-on to the current 2-bay garage so all 3 vehicles can be indoors.

Nathaniel is now rolling out of bed at night, as we are transitioning him to a standard bed. Prior to the move he was climbing out of his crib in the mornings if he woke up before us.

I need to acquire a few more parts for the car to have it drivable. Then I will be able to take it in for exhaust. I need to get parts for the clutch and the transmission linkages then I can drive it to get the exhaust put on since it only has headers. It is now registered in VA with an antique plate customized as “68 SHRK”. For the truck I got the plate as “1FG SS”. I am also officially a Virginian, as I also picked-up my VA driver’s license. Julie still needs to get hers. Not sure if she will customize her plate.

The yard is growing in pretty good. I’m continuing to put down grass seed and we have also bought trees to plant as privacy barriers. I’ll look to place them tomorrow as I am taking the day off from work for more organization of the house, and mounting the garage door openers. My mom has been with us since the move started last Wed, and has been an awesome help with Thane. Without her here it would’ve been almost impossible to move as quickly as we did. Plus we were able to hold Thane’s 2nd b-day party last Saturday following the move-in. He was a load of fun opening his gifts…can’t wait for x-mas!

We have plenty of room now so we’re hoping our friends and family will come to visit us! Please let us know if you can make it for a visit! The road riding is great, and there are also many historic locations for sight seeing. We are also just a short drive from the Baltimore/DC area which is loaded with tourist sights!

Not sure what our plans will be for the holidays yet…we hope to be able to visit the family and some friends!

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