Friday, December 01, 2006

01 December 2006 - Duuh-da-da…da^-dunt….

SIT DOWN!!! You are about to get a big laugh!

I received a letter in the mail from People’s Court! Yes, seriously, the TV show! Apparently it is claiming that Mr. PJ Vinch III, the person who sold us our Vette, has filed a small claims suit against me. I have no idea what this guy is thinking! This is absurd! I paid him every dollar as per our agreement, and have it all documented. If anyone was to sue someone it would be me against him for failure to supply all the goods promised with the sale, and for the false advertisement in his add about the condition of the vehicle and parts! I actually threatened to take him to court a couple of months ago because of his failure to follow through as promised. My cousin, the officer, was even there to witness his continued promises. I chose not to mainly due to time and hassle since it was the same time I was traveling the world for work. We were also dealing with the house situation. I have all of our email correspondence and the receipts from buying all the parts and work on the engine just to get it to start. He has no legs to stand on!

Anyhow, this letter is a 1 page write-up asking me to call-in and discuss my side of the case. I would definitely do it if they were to pay me up-front and put in writing they would not make me look ridiculous unless of course it was a large amount of money! Last thing I want is to be on world TV and made a fool of like the American Idol contestants. But then maybe this would open up my movie career I always wanted!? Hahaha

The letter claims there is a suit filed. I have yet to be served by a real court. It states that if we do this the People’s Court pays all of the court fees and judgments. Basically if some ridiculous reason if he were to win I would not pay a dime, but if he lost, as he should, I would be given the amount claimed. Julie and mom both think this is ridiculous that I shouldn’t do it…What are your comments?! I have called-in but I had to leave a voicemail. My first question will be “What suit has been filed against me?”, as there is no explanation for his suit on this letter. Then I will ask why he doesn’t do it in a real court. Most-likely because the court would throw it out!!

Anyhow, send me your comments! I’ve not stopped laughing since last night!!! hahahahahahahahaha

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Tonya Marie said...

yikes! i don't know bart. let me think on this...