Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sister in Iraq... again!

As most of you know, Tonya had to make yet another return trip to Iraq this month. She has been initially scheduled for a 6 month tour, but we'll hope for an early return!

Below is a pic she sent during deployment flying over on a C130 on 15Jan2007. Hopefully she'll continue sending pics.

This trip is probably one of the most dangerous so far. She's been deployed in Kirkuk at a small medical base that has just 10 beds. I guess it's about 120 miles north of Bagdag. Once they stabilize the person they airlift them out to a larger base. I guess it's basically like the old TV show M*A*S*H. She's been busy non-stop since she's been there. Enough that she was tired enough to sleep through 1 of 3 car bombs the other day! Not good! If anyone would like to send her a "care package" please let me know and I'll send you her address. She said they found barrels of peanut butter, but she wants some Welche's grape/strawberry jelly. Other items are good too, like gum, candy, pictures, letters, etc.


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