Friday, January 26, 2007

Quick note

TGIF! Well, I have stalled with the install of my wire harnesses in the car. I've spent the last couple of days touching-up the mud in the garage and priming the walls and ceiling.

I will be borrowing a couple of tools from work for the weekend to work on the car, as I need a cutting disk to remove the front shocks. I received a set of new shocks for X-mas from Bob and Judy! I have the rears out, but the fronts are not. I could not get the nut off the top of the front shocks to drop them out. I tried holding the threaded post with ViceGrips, but it did not work. I'll use a cutting disc to cut them off instead.

I also need to spend some more time in the basement to finish-up the bike shop area. Before I know it the racing season will be here! I'm contemplating doing the 12hr race in Florida again. I won it a couple years back in the SS category, and I finished in the top 10 overall just 1 lap down from Tinker Juarez, and 2-1/2 laps up on 2nd place in SS! It's a nice course for the SS and I was able to do it as a TRUE SOLO by being my own support as well. I just set-up a pit on the side of the course with all my food and drinks pre-made along with lights and a change of shorts. It was by far one of my best races and accomplishments. The race is in Reddick, FL and runs from 10AM-10PM. 2005 12Hrs of Razorback

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