Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2nd snowfall`

Last night we had our 2nd snowfall this winter. It was about 2-3" in volume. Again the schools shut-down or were delayed until 10AM. Being cold and dry, none of the snow stuck to anything making it very easy to clean up. After 15mins I had both cars wiped-off and the driveway shoveled clean. I think I'll focus on organizing the garage tonight so that I can park another vehicle in-doors. I was waiting to finish the garage before organizing it, but I just never got to it once I finished the garage.

I've also started working on Bernie's wedding video. Bernie and Nikki had asked me to be their videographer last fall at their wedding. It was fun, and I was able to get nearly 3hrs of video for them. Now I just need to get my laptop and desktop talking to each other so I can create the video. I have transferred all of the video to the desktop, but for some reason prior attempts at making videos the DVDs did not work properly once completed. I think the DVD burner on the desktop may be damaged. So, I'll be trying to use the laptop to burn the DVD once the video is created. I'll start with a very small clip to make sure it works before continuing.

The fish we got for Thane are living good. Too good it seems, as one of the females gave birth to 5 guppies the other week. So far they are all still alive and eating while not getting eaten by the others. He enjoys feeding them every morning and night. He's always reminding us to not let them get out, I guess like the movie Nemo, eh!? :)

Julie had an awards banquet for work last Sat that we attended. It also included a casino night. I tried my hand at Texas Hold'em. My start was rough and I nearly lost all my chips. Then I had almost double and decided to move over to Blackjack where I lost about $500 worth of chips. We started with $2500, where $2K worth at the end of the night bought a raffle ticket for prizes. I then went back to the poker table and continued my good luck. I ended up with a profit above the $5K base of $15K! I guess I'll need to head to a casino soon, eh!? According to my cousin, Kieth, Ranson/Charlstown is placing the tables for the track casino back on the voting block. I might have to make a visit if it passes and tables are brought in. Currently there is only track betting along with slots.

Tonya has been having an OK time in Iraq. They are keeping her very busy. She has also sent a few photos so far which I've been placing in her Photobucket account that I had created for her. Unfortunately she cannot access it, so I am doing it for her for now. Go here: Tonya's Photobucket

Finally, we're keeping in close touch with Julie's parent's, Bob and Judy. Judy had her 2nd knee replaced on Monday and they have been fighting her low blood pressure following the surgery. Also, Bob was to be tested to check the status of an artery in his leg that was of concern. We're really hoping that it is healing itself. If for some reason they need to fix it Julie will be going home to help them both out until they are safely recovered from their operations. We continue to hope for a speedy recovery for them both!

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