Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Progress report or weather report?

This last Sunday I made more progress with the wire harness installation. I was able to remove the rear lamp harness and feed in the new one. However a few items now need to be fixed.

While removing the nuts from the rear lamp housings to remove them from the car the threaded posts snapped off. No matter how gentle I was it happened. I fully expected it as when I inspected the items prior to starting I noticed how rusted they were. To replace these items it would cost me $200, at $50 each. That is not an option as I will need this cash for more important repairs for sure. I will be drilling-out the posts which appear to be welded-in or riveted in threaded posts. There are 2 per housing. The upper held the routing of the harness while the lower was used for a ground and both secure it to the body.

The 2nd, more major issue, was the door ajar switch for the passenger door. It was riveted into the body with 2 rivets, both of which broke-out as I tried to remove the switch to replace the wiring to it. I'm hoping I can get suggestions from other resto's fromthe Corvett Forums bulletin board. My thought here is to drill and tap the holes which held the rivets and use flat head sheet metal screws to re-secure the plate. The plate is inside the body in the lower B-pillar and I could not see any way to access it. It may be possible with the body off the frame, but that is still a ways away as I do not have a lift yet. Worse case would be to wait until then to repair it and leave it disconnected until then with the new wires protected until they are connected.

I also managed to get my passenger seat trimmed-up.

Upon waking this morning we discovered that the weathermen were right. We were told of a winter storm warning, and it has arrived. There was wet snow on the driveway this morning that was only about 1/3" and easily shovelled off. However, they are calling for continually increasing levels of ice and snow. Julz gets to stay home with Thane, as his daycare is closed, along with pretty much all gov't related operations.

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