Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weather changes

Weather changes have been frequent and unpredictable lately. We've had to manage Thane at home due to school cancellations from the weather as well. 2 weekends ago it was snow covered with ice. Last Sun was heavy wet snow. Between, and again now, the temp is in the 50's! Kinda makin' us homesick as it is acting similar to MI weather.

Anyhow, I've managed to get ceiling fans in the remaining 3 bedrooms this week. All I have left now are 2 can lights and the fan in the great room. Which I plan to work on starting tonight. Then it’ll be time to start the tile floor in the master bath. Julz bought the tile last Sun as we spun around town in the snow with the Tahoe. We just can't believe no one can handle the snow around here. They all need drivers' ed! I also bought a tile saw to make the job easier, plus it seems everyone keeps asking me to do their floors as well.

Soon the weather will be nice enough to drive the car again. Had it out on Sat before the snow returned as it was sunny and near 50. It’s back in the 50’s again all week approaching 60’s. I’ll be going to buy tires for the car soon and will be getting the wheels sandblasted so I can paint them before having the tires mounted. The local gravestone shop will blast them for about $10 each.

Tonya sent some more photos and I posted them to her album.

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