Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

Yes, it's been a long time since I last posted an update on our blog so here is a new update. I wanted to send you all an email about what has been happening in our lives! We've been very busy, and now more than ever!

Biggest news...Thane is potty-trained!!! He went from not wanting anything to do with it to standing up at the toilet! Unfortunately for mom, it all happened as Julz and I went on vacation. He had just started, thus he was peeing all over the toilet and she made him sit down. When we got back it took a couple times to get him to stand again, but all is good. He is growing fast, and is way smart! Not bragging, but we truly cannot believe how smart he is. Of course it creates problems because he is already trying to manipulate us. I'm thinking I'll try to get him to become a space engineer and be an astronaut. Maybe by the time he is our age with a family he will be able to take them to a new planet that isn't decomposing...

Vacation...Julz and I finally took another vacation after a 2yr drought. This time we tried something new and she found a deal at an all-inclusive dive resort in Cozumel, Mexico. The diving was ok. The best part was seeing 4 sharks in 3 days. 3 were nurse sharks, but on the last dive I finally found a black tip reef shark. It was AWESOME! He was at about 130ft, only about 20-30ft below and to the side of me. It was difficult to get too close as it was a strong current. The current was strong everywhere, completely different from what we were used to in Roatan. We were talking numerous times about things we didn't care for, thus we may be going back to visit our good friends, Alvin and Mish who own Native Sons Diving, in Roatan again next year.

Work...well, this is where it gets interesting! Julie, as always, is working her tail-off trying to get her plant organized and up to code by re-creating the HR department from scratch. Me, well I was laid-off from reason was given, but 2 of 4 programs were cancelled and a 3rd was on the edge while the 4th was launched into production. Un-like Lear, where I expected it to eventually happen which had me already interviewing, RCP had just given me a 32% bonus 3wks prior...I was dumb-founded! However, they gave me a nice seperation package and it didn't take long for the job offers to begin. I turned down 3 jobs and accepted my current position. For now, Julie will be staying at the house at her current job until it sells. She is joining me this weekend to see the area for the first time and to start looking at houses we have picked-out. She apparently brought along some cold weather, as it's been in the 90's since I got here. Since she arrived it's been drizzling rain and in the upper 50's low 60's for the highs!

Here is a link to our house listing. Please spread the word in you know anyone looking in the's an awesome deal! 106 SENTRY COURT, WINCHESTER, VA 22603

Extra-curricular activities...Cycling is now in the fore-front as I cannot work on our Vette. I'm currently in an extended-stay hotel until Julz and Thane can move down. So, I ride after work then fix dinner and search the net for homes. I can't wait to get everything moved so I can continue the restoration of the Vette! Although, hopefully on one of the weekends I go home I can hook up with 2 friends, Matt and Scott from RCP, to get some help with tuning the carb and installing the correct radiator support and fan shields that I have waiting! After months of what everyone thought were hot-start issues it came down to faulty NEW parts from Autozone. Both the new battery and the new alternator were bad.

Well, that's about it for now...time to get back to work! We'll let everyone know when we get settled, again! Then you will all be welcome to visit if you plan to be in the area or passing through!!! I'll look to get an update with pics on the blog soon.

Bart, Julz, Thane

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