Wednesday, May 16, 2007

11 years

Well, I'll be heading home taking some time-off from my new job this Friday as it is our 11 year anniversary! I have some plans for us on Friday to enjoy a night. It's been really hard being away from the family. I haven't been sleeping well at all, normally only getting about 5-6hrs of sleep each night. Last Sunday I was finally able to sleep-in and get about 10hrs, but then that really screws up the body too. Just can't win!

Everyday that is nice I keep hittin' the road for some cycling. I keep hoping that it will be a good night's sleep due to the work-out, but so far no chance. I do feel good, just slightly tired, and I've been eating well. It's almost like when I was in training for racing, but I'm in no way trying to get into a training mode.

I finally found someone with a bolt for my single speed! It's been 1 year since I got it from Cannondale when I noticed at the 24hrs of Boyne that I was missing parts! It the resulted in an early end to my race, which I'm positive I could've won, since I ran into mechanical problems with my converted SS bike. Since then I've continued to request the shop to get me the bolt and couple of parts that were missing, as well as searching all the hardware stores I could find with no luck! Until 2 nights ago when I thought, "Why haven't I asked my Corvette Forums buddies if any of them have an idea where I can get it?!" Well, within an hour of my post I had a response and a guy just mailed me 2 bolts free of charge!!! Just AWESOME! Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive to verify that it is the correct bolt and I'll be riding in the dirt again!!! I'll be bringing my SS back with me on Sunday to try the area trails.

Also, we're still waiting for the traffic to start with buyers for our house in Winchester. At the same time we're trying to find a home here or decide if we want to have another new home built. We really need a 3-car garage, otherwise the 2-car garage must have a ceiling tall enough for a lift for the Vette.

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