Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Theater construction

I've talked to most of you via email or phone, but if I haven't here's a little update.

The last job didn't quite work out as they found they need to find someone with extensive experience with Pro-E CAD. They sent me to training, but I was still not able to do advanced modeling. Being that it was a small group with a fast paced evironment it was not a good fit. The group and the entire company was a great place to work, but I guess something else is in store for me. So, I'm now comfortably back home with the family in Winchester and back to job hunting. I've already had a few calls from recruiters with possible interviews being planned, but more on that search later.

Since I have free time, and we hade in-store credit at Lowe's from returned items I decided to start costruction of our theater room! YES, we are going to have an actual theater room. It won't be too large as it will be approx 17'x14'. Below are a couple of photos. The one photo is looking through the back wall where there will be a recessed cavity to hold the surround system and the projector. On the far wall we will have a drop-down screen. The room will be lit with rope lighting and will resemble an actual movie theater. This will be awesome! I'll post updates as I go.

We also received a coupon from Home Depot for new purchases. So we are planning to get the materials for me to build our deck. Julie is tired of walking the dogs down stairs all the time to let them out. So once it is done she will be able to let them out on the deck. Next spring I look to place a paver patio at the walk-out connecting it to the deck. The deck will be about 16'x16' just big enough for our patio furniture.

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