Thursday, September 06, 2007

Finishing touches...

Our next update for the theater should be the finished job, less the flooring, curtains, projector, and the finishing touches. I've put in the stained wood shelf that will hold the surround equipment and the projector and all of the drywall is hung waiting to be mudded. The ceiling will be painted this weekend. I've also mounted the speakers on the walls. I just need to make a shelf for the front center speaker as it will be suspended centered above the drop-down movie screen. All of the electrical is installed and functional. We have 2 sconces on the back wall controlled with an electronic dimmer. I have a standard light mounted in the shelf box so it will be easy to see when working on the wiring or other items. There will also be a fan mounted inside to circulate the air to keep it from getting hot. I'll post more pictures of the progress soon.

The car is on-hold until I get a new job. However, the parking brakes are still making a slight rubbing noise. I've pulled it apart again already, but found no signs of any issues. I may tear it down again this weekend or next week again, time permitting. Julie's Prix has new front and rear hub bearings and 2 new engine mounts as of last weekend, and prior to that I had a shop replace the right drive shaft as it was out of true. It has over 100K on it now. This is the first major repair I've had to do on the car as it has been great. It should now be good for another 100K!

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