Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin carving

Nathaniel chose the design, Julie cleaned it out, and Bart did the carving. Thane found a picture on the web of a moon that he wanted. An hour of carving and wahlah! We then set him on the porch and took a picture. I think by the looks of the picture it is already haunted by a spirit, maybe from the Civil War battle that took place here at the site of Star Fort...? You decide!?

On the job front...Bart has completed and passed test #2, the polygraph, and is going for step #3, the shrink evaluation, this Friday on his way to hopefully join the Leesburg, VA PD. He also found a contract job here in town doing some small engineering project work and some CAD work. The supplier for in-car computers for police cars! It is called Datalux. It'll be better than unemployment.

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