Monday, November 05, 2007

Projects changing

Last Friday I had test#3 with Leesburg City Police Department. It was the psychological test and review. I passed and I am now waiting for them to send me for a physical and finish my background check! I think they noted they wanted to have all positions filled with set-hire dates before Thanksgiving, so I should be hearing something very soon for the physical. I'm a bit out of shape, but I don't think it will be a problem. I plan to start riding more as I've only ridden a few times over the last month. However, my rides have included pulling Thane behind me in the Burley trailer so it makes it a good work-out. I'll be getting him today via the bike as well at the end of about a hour ride.

I've also completely finished the deck including the shed underneath it and the stain/water treatment. I'll be placing lattice around the deck bottom in the spring which will conceal the shed from view.

I hope to begin work on the Vette again soon as well. I plan to re-build the entire suspension this winter once it is too nasty to drive it anymore this season. Currently I'm touching-up the drywall in the theater room and preparing to paint it.

I'll post another update soon!

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