Thursday, November 15, 2007

Background check commencing...

I just spoke with Lt. Dube' at the LPD on the phone. He informed me that they just held a meeting this afternoon and approved my folder of application. He informed me that he would be personally doing the background check for my application. He will be calling me with a date during the week of 26Nov to have me come in for a "get-to-know me" interview to compliment the background investigation. For those of you who offered to be references please expect to be called or get a visit. I've been told that in some cases they do both.

In the interim I'm finishing-up my 1st week at my new contract position. I accepted a development engineering position with a company called Datalux. Get this, they make computers and mounting systems for police cars! What are the odds?! This has got to be my calling!

We will be leaving following work tomorrow, around 5PM, to drive back to my home town of Flushing, MI to my grandparents' place. Sunday night we will be hookin'-up with some of our best friends for dinner (Robin, Shari, Bernie, Nikki, John). Julie then has a doctor appointment on Monday afternoon in West Bloomfield, then it will be off to her family in Ohio until our return home on Sunday.

We hope you all have a great turkey day! Be sure to watch and root for the Lions and the Wolverines this weekend!!!

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