Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving break

We've returned from our holiday travel. We left following work on Friday 16th and drove to Flushing to spend time with Bart's grandparents. Sunday afternoon we stopped-in to see his cousin Sonia and her kids on the way to meet our good friends in Waterford for dinner that night. Following dinner at Robin and Shari's, with John, Bernie, Nikki, we stayed the night at Bernie's. Julie then had a doctor appointment Monday afternoon after which we drove to her parent's, Bob and Judy, place in Hicksville. Thanksgiving afternoon following the family lunch we drove to Bart's sister's for dinner and the night with her and Brenden and Taylor. Bart played a few hours on the PS2 with them on Guitar Hero. It was funny. Bart and Tonya then got up and went shopping early Friday morning, 4AM, trying to save some money on some deals for gifts. We then returned that afternoon to Hicksville.

Saturday our good friends Chris and Tonya came down for a visit. Tonya brought her camera and was nice enough to take some shots of Thane. We plan to order some when she gets them all posted for us to view. Here are a few samples. Enjoy, they are awesome! Also, be sure to send business her way, she can be reached via her web-site here: tonyamariephotography You can also find them in our photo album.

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