Wednesday, December 05, 2007

1st snowfall...dreamin' of a white Christmas...

Today we had our 1st snowfall. A lot earlier than last year! Hoefully we will have a white Christmas since the family will be here this year.

We took Thane out back after dinner to sled down the hill. Julie pushed him down without realizing he can't stop on his own...DOH! I yelled out and she started running...dove face-first and caught his sled before running into the rocks! HAHAHA!!! We then took turns pulling him up the hill while the other went down to catch him. He had a blast! Then he threw snowballs to Simba. He saved 1 and had mommy put it into the freezer.

Here are a couple of pics with the snow and lights. The last picture was without the flash to keep the falling snow from showing in the foreground.

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