Saturday, January 12, 2008

Been a short while since our last post...

Well, not much changed here, except for the weather. It was 60-72 degrees here for almost a week, but today it is back in the 50's. Bart got in 4 straight days of mtnbiking Sun-Wed. On Tues he was climbing the fireroad at Cacapon State Park in WV at night when 2 BIG black bears decided to join his trek up the mountain! They lead him for about 50yds before they jumped back off the road. A tad spooked, all he could think to do was sound loud and mean so he yelled out, "GO BACK TO SLEEP YOGI AND BOOBOO! YOU SHOULDN'T BE AWAKE YET!" haha Riding his SS with a 32/16 it is over a 4 mile climb and they showed up at mile 3! Needless to say, he slammed a PowerGel after that to get going up the mountain! haha Here's the ride file:

Today we spent the day doing some cleaning and setting up Thane's new fish tank. We moved his fish to a 20gal tank from Mamma and Pappa. Julie bought him a castle to put in it along with a new hood and an under-gravel filter system to help with maintenance.

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