Sunday, January 13, 2008

One step closer

We're one step closer to getting the house finished with new paint. Bart finished-up the painting job left-over from X-mas break by completing the last 2 walls in the great room, now that all of the X-mas items are packed away for another 11months. Julie is glad that it is now done. The remaining rooms to be painted are Thane's room, guest room, toy room, master sitting room and bathroom, guest bathroom, theater room, and the open basement once it is finished with drywall and the ceiling is painted.

Bart is also just 2 weeks away from his 1st day due to report to HQ at the Leesburg PD. He is very excited to start. He is currently trying to tie-up loose-ends at his contract job and finish a couple of key items so they can be ready for his departure. They have also stated that they would be looking to use him for some side work once he gets out of the academy. The academy is M-F from 0730hrs-1530hrs beginning 04Feb08 until the end of Jun08. He will then be working a 2 week cycle of Mon-Tue, Fri-Sun, Wed-Thur on a 12hr shift with 1 day being 8hrs to get 80hrs in 2wks.

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