Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Do you smell something funny?

Saturday and Sunday were days for the wacky-tabacky.
I assisted in CASE - Possession of Marijuana- Officer’s M, S, and Wellisley responded to The Hampton Inn in regards to a loud noise complaint. Upon further investigation Officer M. seized 20 grams of marijuana and released Mr. S. on a summons charging possession of marijuana.

My CASE - BURGLARY / POSSESSION- Officer Wellisley, Sgt H and Ofc S responded for a complaint of burglary which occurred earlier in the day. On scene we met with the homeowner who was identified as Ms R, and her daughter, Ms AR. Ms AR advised that she was out of the residence from 1000 hours until 1900 hours, on today’s date. Ms R advised that she left early in the morning and returned around 2130 hours. Ms R stated that after she returned home her daughter advised her that her television from the master bedroom was missing. Ms R stated, that upon further investigation she discovered that a 30gig IPOD, 36” Visio flat screen TV, and a white Macbook laptop computer had been taken from her residence. Ms R also stated that containers in the master bathroom holding her jewelry had been gone through; however nothing was missing. Niether could not verify if the home was locked. It was stated that their two dogs were in the back yard. Digital cameras, a second larger flat screen TV, and a second laptop being located in the same locations as the missing items, in plain view, were not taken. I then advised Ms R that I would like to search the house to ensure it was clear and safe. Ms AR then stated that she already went through the entire house while carrying a b-b gun and did not find anyone inside.
Upon entering the home it was checked to ensure that it was clear. It was pointed out by the Ms R that the Macbook was sitting on the floor in the living room plugged into the wall next to the couch, the Visio flat screen TV was on a cabinet in the master bedroom, and the IPOD was in a docking station in the master bedroom on the top of another cabinet. When attempting to open a locked room in the basement Ms AR came running down the stairs from the living room and stated “I’ve already checked that room. Nobody is in there.” However, the room was locked from the inside. Once inside the room drug paraphernalia and a floor container being used for growing marijuana was found in plain view. An exterior door to the room was found to be open allowing access to the back yard of the home. There was also a secondary entrance to the locked room through an unfinished area of the basement that contained the furnace and a storage area full of boxes and containers. In the basement bathroom wood, plastic, and metal smoking devices were found in plain view on the sink, in the vanity, and on the tub.
In speaking with Ms AR, she named three suspects/friends that are frequently in the house. Mr K, Mr S, and Mr J. Upon running checks on the suspects their information was found.
Consent to search the home was then obtained from Ms R. A thorough search was then conducted in Ms AR's bedroom and the basement of the home. In the basement empty bags of garden soil were found next to a wooden structure on the floor filled approximately half way with the soil. Aluminum foil was found on a desk, a single pill in a bottle, that Ms AR noted as her prescribed Adoral, two digging hammers, numerous items used as smoking devices, and artwork on the wall of representing smoking marijuana and a written note stating "Bombing for piece is like fucking for virginity". A wooden smoking device and a metal smoking device, that was made into a necklace, were collected as evidence along with two clear plastic Ziploc bags containing green plant-like remnants which tested positive for marijuana using a field test kit, 908 Duquenoislevine Reagent – Marihuana-Hashish-THC. The metal smoking device on the necklace was handed over by Ms AR as it was on her person.
Prior to searching Ms AR’s room upstairs, she was asked if any contraband was present. Ms AR stated that the only thing in her room was a bag of gummy bears soaked in alcohol. Upon searching Ms AR’s room a bowl was found in a desk at the foot of her bed containing gummy bears soaking in a clear liquid which emitted an odor of an alcoholic beverage. A follow-up was performed with Mr K and his mother. Mr K stated that he had not seen Ms.AR for about one month. At that time Ms AR discussed with him her intentions to grow her own marijuana plants; she just needed to get seeds. Mr K stated that he told her he did not know anything about how to grow them. Ms AR told him that her mothers previous boyfriend, who is in Minnesota, told her how to grow marijuana. Mr K stated that he has since made efforts to be clean of any wrong doing and that he is in no way in volved anymore. Upon requesting permission to search for the stolen items from Ms Rs’ residence in Mr K’s room mother agreed and signed a “permission for search” card. Upon searching Ms AR’s room nothing was found.
A follow-up canvas of the neighborhood will be performed on Wednesday July 9, 2008 in reference to any suspicious vehicles or suspects entering or leaving the home.
All items that were seized from Ms R’s residence have been entered into evidence. I will be dropping off copies of my reports to Juvenile Intake on Wednesday July 9, 2008 to obtain petitions.
Case pending petitions.

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