Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What'chya gonna do...

WOW! The 1st 2 days on patrol seemed like an episode of COPs! Mon and Tue were non-observational days for me, as I was a ride-a-long with my FTO (field training officer) and just playing the role of cover officer.

Drunk in public, Obstruction of justice, Use of force- While on extra patrol in the area of 22 Plaza street Officer S. came in contact with three subjects drinking in a drainage hole in the area. Officer S. arrested Mr. A. and Mr. S. charging the following above.
== My FTO and I were just finishing a business check (getting a drink), at 7-Eleven just across the road from headquarters, when a citizen approached us and stated that he could hear singing in the manhole next to his parked vehicle. We then walked around the building to where there is a known hang-out for drinking and defecating. This location is where there is an entrance to a storm sewer drain tunnel. We found 3 Hispanic males drinking in the tunnel entrance. There was a mtnbk, 2 cases of Corona, and a pile of human feces near them as they were drinking. My FTO ordered them to come out with there hands up, to which they ignored his command. He then drew his weapon, as he had resistors not showing their hands, and told them again. At this point 2 of the 3 fled down the tunnel. He quickly apprehended the 3rd who resisted again and they managed to avoid the feces, but fell in the running water with beer bottles breaking. They both were cut up by the broken glass. He cuffed him and then placed him on the ground instructing him to not move as I retrieved the evidence. I then covered the arrestee as my FTO began tending to his injuries. At this point Mr. A. decided to get up and I immediately escorted him back to his seated position on the concrete from which he did not move from that point forward. Our K-9 officer was able to extract 1 other from the tunnel, but the 3rd escaped. We took both to jail for DIP and resisting. Just a couple of hours later the K-9 officer witnessed a drug transaction and radioed for backup. We were instructed to go "code" to his location just 4 blocks from headquarters. On-scene we found him with 2 suspects proned out at gun point in the parking lot. My FTO and I then each took 1 suspect and cuffed and searched them while the ofc provided cover.

DUI - Officer F. arrested Mr. W. for DUI. (BAC was .09)
==My FTO and I were on-scene and provided support for Ofc. F. and observed the field sobriety tests. They were not done to the standard that were were taught in the academy, but the Ofc was able to conclude that the driver was intoxicated.
FELONY ELUDING / DUI Sgt. H. arrested Mr. M. for the above charges after observing a vehicle driven by Mr. M. driving recklessly in the area of Battlefield Parkway near Chadfield Way. The vehicle proceeded into a cul-de-sac, over the bike trail, stuck a tree and continued on for several blocks before coming to a stop.
==My FTO and I were directed to run "code" to assist in the stop. As we made contact the vehicle just came to a stop and the Sgt had his weapon drawn. We quickly exited the cruiser, as we were facing the suspect directly from the front, and re-positioned to the side and rear with our weapons drawn. He was then ordered to get out of the vehicle and lay face down on the road. He was then handcuffed by my FTO as the Sgt and I kept him at gun point.
Starting next shift, this Friday 4 July 2008, I will be taking the lead and driving the car and being primary for all calls for observation by my FTO. My shift is 1900hrs to 0700hrs.
Below is a graduation pic of me and my cousin, Sgt. Kieth "Sig" Sigulinsky of Ranson PD, Ranson, WV.

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