Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Race Season to get under way!

My 1st true blog update today...and it is now PUBLIC!

This weekend starts my 2013 race season which will be race #1 of the Maxxis Southern Classics Series (Southeast Regional Championships), which I am currently the Single Speed Champion 2yrs running for the series as well as NC, SC, and VA. (insert "No Pressure" LOL)

This season brings yet another change in support. We have continued with my great relationship with Rudy Project USA (www.e-rudy.com) and a new relationship with Spooky Bicycles with a team name of "The HomeTeam". The team's objective is to provide support and leadership to U-23 racers of our team across the nation. This was the vision/mission of Mickey Denencourt, owner of Spooky Bicycles. Myself and my team mates from 2012, Tommy Rodgers, Brent Lester, and Tyler Graf, have chosen to join Mickey's mission for 2013 and beyond.

Anyhow, this weekend takes us to Sumter, SC for the Killer3. The course has been drastically changed since last year so it will once again require an early arrival to set-up our campsite to get in a pre-ride of the new course. Our departure will need to follow the completion of Thane's (8yo son) 1st soccer game Saturday morning.

I'm kinda nervous about the season start, as I'm still waiting for my new race bike. So currently I'm using my geared training bike from 2012 (name of mentioned CRAP bike mfg'er not to be mentioned, and it is covered on the bike with Spooky decals - LOL) converted to a SS using an old XTR rear derailleur  Last Sunday did not help my confidence, as during a local winter short-track race I dropped the chain 3x's in a rough section of trail. I also found the gear, which was the only gear I was able to get to work, to require a little more effort/torque/power than I'd like to have. However, it is a good gear for this 1st course and I'll just need to "power" through it! ;) Last year I finished 2nd after numerous mechanicals due to the frame geometry using a very poor sliding drop-out design, which reared it's ugly head throughout my season! I somehow finished the race after 4 chain drops and a front flat. On top of that, I discovered after the race that I had broken-off 4 teeth of the 17 tooth cog I was running in the back!!

Last night I got in another ride on a pretty rooty/ruff trail after taking out an additional link from the chain and placing the front derailleur back on the bike as a "chain guide". It seemed to work as I had no chain drops! As long as they don't find any rough rooty/rocky sections for the new course to traverse I should be good to go, as last year's course was pretty tame from what I can remember.

I wish I had more ride/training time in at this point of the season, as I've spent ~70hrs building a new mountain bike trail for the Town of Oak Ridge, NC in the town park! However, I am feelin' somewhat prepared as 2 weeks ago Tyler and I, and our good friend Matt Jones, traveled down to the 6/12hrs of Santos near Gainsville, FL. I had a tire issue after just 1-1/2 laps causing me to have to stop and use CO2 to add air to get back to our pit area and make a change, ultimately I had to put in a tube. Even with this I was still able to get a respectable 7th place finish in the Elite-Male 6hr category. The ride was by far the longest this year as my average distance has been ~10miles/ride! LOL

So, I'm hoping to provide another good result following Sunday's race. Especially as this is also race#1 of 3 for defending my SC single speed title. -----Stay tuned! Thanks for following!

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