Monday, May 08, 2006

08 May 2006 - Battle of the Gut

Today commences the Battle of the Gut! I'm still not feeling all that well with a continued nauseous feeling. So, I went out during lunch and bought a bunch of live organic yogurt to see if it can help me get over whatever this is. I also found some Gatorade on sale, and that was good since I am out of water here at the office. A few others have tried getting bottled water but have had no luck. I will not give in to drinking city water from the tap so I continue to bring my own. Weather is actually poor today. It is barely 55 degrees, cloudy, and breezy. It's giving me a horible reminder of Michigan spring weather! :P They're calling for rain, but that's been the case all weekend, and the weekend days were beautiful summer days! Hopefully it should return by mid week when I plan to be done with this gut issue! This weekend I'll be riding Skyline Drive again. However, this time I'll be riding with a co-worker and another friend and we'll just be riding the north 25 miles, in then out, from Front Royal for a 50 mile trip. My last ride Julie supported me and 1 other new friend for the entire park meeting me at 40 mile marks. The entire trip from Waynesboro to Front Royal to the north is 105 miles. I'll be sure to not forget the sunscreen this time...ouch!

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