Tuesday, May 09, 2006

09 May 2006 - House, work, and "running" around

Yup, today was a busy day. Between work, which I chose to bring home rather than stay after hours at the office, and the house building process. They finally called me back with part of the quotes they owe us. They expect the buyers to choose all options within 14 days of signing, yet they seem to take their time. I'll be calling their main office starting tomorrow to get the wheel squeeking, and loudly! Nahaniel is getting good at the ABC's. He's made it to G. He's pointing and calling out animals and objects all the time, and he loves to say "Bye-bye" and go places always wanting to be on the go. It's probably born in him with all the travelling Julie and I have done. It was either travelling to bike races or to see our families, since we couldn't get anyone to come visit us but once in a while. I'm finally getting over the stomach flu I must have had over the weekend, but I've had a few "runs" to the throne tonight. At least the nauseous feeling has past and I can eat and drink normally again. I was actually getting a slight itch to take a short spin tonight since the weather cleared. This morning it was chilly and sprinkling, but it ended up in the 70's and sunny. But with work and things to do here I couldn't take the time. This weekend is looking great for another ride on Skyline Drive this Saturday, can't wait.

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