Saturday, May 13, 2006

13 May 2006 - A Happy 10 Years!

Well, today is nearing our 10 year anniversarry! Yup, Julie and I have been married for 10 years, on May 18! Time flies when your having fun, eh! Today was a great day. First thing this morning I headed out to meet 2 friends for a short ride on Skyline Drive. We only rode 50 miles, 25 in and 25 back, from the north end at Front Royal. Today it was good that the weathermen are not always accurate. They've been predicting rain all week for Thursday through the weekend, but so far it has just been Thursday, and did it pour!!! Today's ride was great weather ride but mostly cloudy. Returning home Julz and I got on ebay. We've been looking again at sportscars. Well, we came accross a guy selling a 1968 Corvette. It has been partially restored but needs re-assembled. Well, about 30 minutes later we became Vette owners as Julz said, "Happy anniversary, hon!" I can't wait to get started on this thing! The guy is actually heading by to TN soon to pick a car up so we'll use him for delivery. Now we just need to empty out our 1 car garage here at the apartment, which is currently our storage, to store the car. This will be no easy task! Below is a link to the ebay auction. He ended it early as we dealt over the phone this afternoon. I will be returning it to close to original as possible. 1968 "Shark" Here's what it will hopefully look like soon! 1968 "Shark" complete

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